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Mast o Khiar $4.99

(Yogurt, herbs, and chapped cucumber. )

Mast o Mosi $5.99

(Yogurt blend with chop salads )

Kashk Bademjan Vegetarian$6.99

Seasoned eggplant with a topping of yogurt sauce, sauteed onion mint.

Chicken Cutlets$6.99

Season ground chicken and potato.  


Four pieces fried vegetarian patties made from fava beans, garbanzo beans and spices. 


Pureed garbanzo beans, blended with lemon juice, tahini and fresh garlic.

Koo Koo Sabzi$6.99

Oven baked herbs with walnut, barberires & egg  

French Fries Vegetarian$3.99


Dolmeh $4.99

Stuffed grape leaves with rice, fresh herbs and seasonings.

Combination of Appetizers $10.99

Hummus, olvieh salad, chicken cutlets and dolmeh.


Ash Reshteh$5.99

Persian soup with mixed with fresh herbs, noodles and beans topped with caramelized onion, kashk and fried mint.

Barley Soup$5.99

A delicious chicken base soup cooked with barley, carrots and sweet peas.


Shirazi Salad $5.99

Chopped Persian cucumbers with tomato, parsley, and lemon dressing.

Tabuli Salad6.99

Chopped Persian cucumber, tomato, parsley and bulgur with a lemon dressing.

Green Salad$6.99

Romaine lettuce, green mix, tomato, persian cucumber, and carrots with a special house dressing.

Greek Salad$7.99

Romaine lettuce, green mix, feta cheese, tomato, persian cucumber, onion and olives with a balsamic dressing.

Organic Quinoa Salad$8.99

Organic quinoa cooked in veggie stock mix with green mix, romaine lettuce, cucumber, tomato, olive, and carrots with a special balsamic dressing.

Olvieh Salad$6.99

Chicken and potato salad with pickles and sweet peas.


All served with imported basmati rice, salad, and charbroiled tomato.

Chicken Kabob $10.99

Grilled marinated pieces of chicken breast.

Shish Kabob$12.99

Grilled pieces of all natural filet mignon marinated with bell pepper and onion.

Soltani Kabob$17.99

A combination of shish kabob and koobideh.

Veggie Kabob

1 Skewer: 8.99 ...2 Skewers: 12.95

Grilled marinated vegetables.

Chicken Koobideh$9.99

Seasoned grilled lamb.

Lamb Koobideh

1 Skewer: 10.99 ...2 Skewers: 14.95

Seasoned grilled lamb.

Beef Kobideh

1 Skewer: 9.99 ...2 Skewers: 13.95

Salmon Kabob $12.99

Grilled marinated filet of salmon.

Combo Kabob$16.99

A combination of shish kabob, chicken kabob and kabob.

Falafel Plate$9.99

Vegetarian patties made from fava beans garbanzo and spices.

Lamb Shank Entree$11.99

Slow roasted in sauce with vegetables.


Served in french baguette with a choice of green salad or french fries.

Beef or Chicken Koobideh Sandwich $8.99

Seasoned ground beef or chicken with lettuce, tomato, pickle and house dressing.

Lamb Koobideh Sandwich $9.99

Seasoned ground lamb with lettuce, tomato, pickle and house dressing.

Steak Sandwich$10.99

Grilled marinated filet mignon with lettuce, tomato, pickle and house dressing.

Chicken Cutlet Sandwich$7.99

Seasoned ground chicken and potato with lettuce, tomato, pickle and house dressing.

Falafel Sandwich


Vegetarian patties with hummus, lettuce, tomato, pickles and house dressing.

Grilled Chicken Sandwich


Grilled marinated chicken breast with lettuce, tomato, pickle and house dressing.

Zaban Sandwich


Beef tongue roasted in vegetable sauce with lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle and house dressing.

Olvieh Sandwich


BChicken and potato salad with lettuce tomato, pickle, and house dressing.

Koo Koo Sabzi Sandwich


Oven baked herbs with walnut, barberires, & egg

Olvieh Sandwich


Chicken and potato salad with lettuce tomato, pickle, and house dressing.



Bamieh 1.99
Baklava 1.99
Faloodeh 5.00
Chocolate Mousse 4.00
Zoolbia 2.50
Persian Ice-Cream 5.00
Tiramisu Cake 4.00


Groundwork certified organic coffees. All milk and soy milk are organic.

Soft Drink 1.99
Lemonade 2.50
Perrier 2.50
Coffee 2.50
Yogurt Soda (Abali) 2.50
Snapple Peach 2.50
Persian House Ice Tea1.99
House Doogh 2.50
Persian Hot Tea2.50
Turkish Coffee 2.50
San Pellegrino4.00
fresh orange juice4.25

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